About cosmenplant

“Viorica-Cosmetic” factory was founded in 1989 and is still positioning as the largest cosmetics and perfumery producer in Moldova. Over the years "Viorica-Cosmetic" has won many awards, and along them - the love and appreciation of the customers. All products combine the quality of natural ingredients, the efficacy of herbal extracts and essential oils and the love they were created with. At the moment, "Viorica-Cosmetic" brand makes over 400 cosmetics and perfumery products. The high quality ingredients, natural extracts and oils, modern production technologies - are the main features of the new Viorica-Cosmetic product range.

COSMEPLANT brand belongs to Viorica-Cosmetic company, which was founded in 1989 and is the largest manufacturer of cosmetic products and perfumery in the Republic of Moldova.